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My entry for the Ludum Dare 42  

(I'll be making a post Jam version asap!)

Orange Island is a puzzle game where you have to carefully plan out your path.  With every move you make certain tiles will fall away and you will slowly run out of space to move! (Special Thanks to Ben Tupou https://twitter.com/lompsy for his amazing work and inspiration!)

How to Play: You need to reach the doors to progress onto the next puzzle. Doors require you collect all the Keys in a puzzle before you can move onto the next one. And you can't use a door if you leave any of your friendly Orange Jellies behind! But you can leave behind any Bad Apples you might find.

Controls: Use the Arrow Keys or WASD to move. If you get stuck, in a puzzle just press ENTER to restart it. Hold TAB and press left or right to cycle through the puzzles. (Backspace to restarts the  game.)

I did not get as many puzzles done as I would have liked, but I hope you enjoy what is there. (P.s. the puzzles loop back around to the start once you have completed them all.)

Thank you so much for time, I hope you have fun!

Rate this LD42 game here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/orenji-shima-orange-jelly-puzzle-island

I made a last minute edit, i fixed a bug where puzzles could still be completed if you fell off the level. I'm having a hard time getting onto the Ludum Dare site, so hopefully putting the edit here will be good enough.


LD42_OrangeIsland_Tekugare.exe 2 MB


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